Functional Ceramics

To make the world an easier place to live in with ceramic technologies
and be an organization that enriches people’s lives

NIKKO manufactures and provides ceramic substrates with various features
based on the firing of high-grade ceramics and precision printing technologies.
We develop materials from the developing of functional ceramics
to the developing of multi-layer ceramic substrates and conductive paste.
In response to the rapidly developing technologies of recent years,
we provide consolidated services from proposing the appropriate substrate material
for each usage, designing the substrate, to designing the wiring.
We hope our technology enriches your lives through our information
and communications devices, in-car electronics, and other vaious devices.

Products and services

Ceramic Substrates

Alumina substrates and Alumina-Zirconia substrates have
excellent mechanical strength, electrical insulation,
corrosion resistance, thermal resistance, and thermal conductivity.

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Glazed Substrates

Substrates with excellent surface flatness,
coated with non-crystalline glass on the surface of alumina substrates
for various thermal printer heads.

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Printed Circuit Substrates

Glass, conductors, resistors, etc. are screen printed on alumina
and alumina-zirconia substrates.
Au plating of conductors and laser scribes for singulation is also available.

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LTCC Substrates

LTCC (low-temperature co-fired ceramics) are ceramic multilayer
circuit substrates that use low-resistance Ag as a conductor.

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HTCC Substrates

HTCC (High Temperature Co-fired Ceramics) are multilayer ceramic
circuit substrates with higher bending strength than LTCC.

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Piezoelectric Device

Functional ceramics that expand and contract
when voltage is applied and generate voltage when force is applied.

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Why Nikko tableware is Chosen

  • Quick delivery achieved by consolidating production plants into a single location
  • Special orders and small lots are available
  • Material development and joint production also possible