Water Creation / Environment

Creating a cycle of clean water through micro-infrastructure

Johkasou Wastewater Treatment Over 1,000,000 units suppliedacross 50 years
Protecting the global environment for future generations through Japanese water treatment technology (Johkasou).
NIKKO is a Johkasou manufacturer with a proud history, having provided over 1,000,000 Johkasou units across 50 years within Japan.

Products and services


We will provide to the world proven technology cultivated in Japan, from now into the future.

Made and distributed a picture book called “The Water King” to teach children of the world about the importance of treating wastewater

About NIKKO’s sustainability

Why people choose NIKKO

  • High quality and good service as a general water treatment manufacturer
  • 50 years of history and reliability in Japan
  • Consolidated services from developing, designing, manufacturing, installing, to maintaining