Mission, Philosophy


Making the future wonderful

To be “wonderful” means to be exceptional for every person.
The “future” is a time that is yet to come.
To make this moment in time, and a future yet unseen, an exceptional place for everyone.
This is our mission.


We aim to be a company
that our customer will select.

We emphasize 3 things Challenge, Trust and Wisdom.


We will continue challenging to develop new technology and to produce new merchandise.
We will create new customers to make a contribution to the world.


We will behave to build up more strong trust not only in the customers,
but also in the members of our company.
We will keep organizing our management fairly and cleanly.


We will call forth our wisdom to create originality for the satisfaction of our customers.
We think the global environment is also our important customer,
so we will keep considering the environment precious.

NIKKO’s Charter of Corporate Ethics

We at NIKKO will maintain awareness of our social responsibilities as a member of the local society.
We will observe all laws and endeavor to win the trust of our customers, stockholders, investors, clients, 
and every person in the local community.

1. Each and every one of us will be honest at all times and aim to manufacture and provide
services based on our customers’ point of view to pursue customer satisfaction and trust.

  1. We will attend to our customers as representatives of NIKKO.
  2. We will endeavor to apprehend customers’ needs and manufacture products 
    and provide services which are serviceable for society. 
  3. We will transact fairly and honestly.

2. Each and every one of us will observe laws and regulations related to our business activities,
social standards, and in-house rules and act according to good social sense.

  1. We will disclose corporate information timely and adequately and aim to increase the integrity and transparency 
    of our management.
  2. We will observe the laws of each country and region we operate in, endeavor to understand and respect their cultures
    and customs, and support the development of the local society.
  3. We will protect private information and clientele information adequately.
  4. We will firmly stand against antisocial forces and organization which threaten the order and safety of civil society.

3. Each and every one of us will respect human rights, not just by considering safety and 
health, but by creating a workplace in which each person can exhibit their full capacity 
and work cheerfully and with motivation.

  1. We will not discriminate when hiring and treating employees and will strive to provide equal opportunities.
  2. We will prevent work-related accidents and secure an environment where employees’ health is promoted.
  3. We will create a work environment which supports employees’ career and ability development.

4. Each and every one of us will aim to build an “eco-friendly company” 
by actively cooperating in environmental preservation and CSR activities.

  1. We will effectively reuse and recycle resources and conserve energy.
  2. We will participate in social contribution activities as a member of society.
  3. We will prevent the contamination of the natural environment and preserve biodiversity 
    through creating a better water environment.