Making the future wonderful

To be “wonderful” means to be exceptional for every person.
By every person, we mean our customers, partners, the local society, the world environment, and ourselves.

We also aim to be the company of choice for our customers. To continue to be chosen proves that we are essential. To maintain this stature, we will create a future that is wonderful for everyone.

1 The challenges by the ceramics/lifestyle brand

At NIKKO, we’re taking many steps in line with the principles of a circular economy.
NIKKO must lead the way in tackling biodiversity loss and climate change
in order to continue manufacturing porcelain for the next century
and preserve a rich culinary culture along with the delightful times it provides.
Sustainability of the Earth is also Nikko’s sustainability.

The challenges by the ceramics/lifestyle brand

Environmentally conscious cushioning and packaging

We have decreased the amount of single-use plastic bags and use scrap material instead to keep the packaging eco-friendly.

Manufacturing durable high-quality tableware

Reusing materials in other areas

Developing cadmium-free pigments

Besides the above, there are many other new projects currently underway.

NIKKO Circular Lab CASE 1

A campaign invoking
the need to care for the world
“#Single use Planet”

This light, strong, long-lasting mug made from Nikko fine bone china pays homage to the disposable plastic coffee cup that has been a familiar sight in the Japanese business scene for a long time, with the aim of reducing plastic and based on the desire to create opportunities to think about the global environment. This mug represents a call for a reduction of single use plastics and highlights the importance of our “single use planet”.

NIKKO Circular Lab CASE 2

“Table source,” a web magazine to support the sustainability of restaurants

It’s difficult for restaurants and hotels to find information on sustainability and a circular economy.”Table source” helps to gather information, procure sustainable choices, and is a source of information all in one.”Table source” helps to gather information, procure sustainable choices, and is a source of information all in one.

2 The challenges by the water creation/environment brand Creating a cycle of clean water through micro-infrastructure

Johkasou systems are essential for cleaning used water and returning it back to nature.

To raise awareness of water treatment, NIKKO has produced a picture book and has designed a Johkasou wrapping
to show the importance of Johkasou systems and how they work.

“The Water King,”
a book on Johkasou systems

A Johkasou wrapped in
“The Water King” design

Manhole covers wrapped in designs
by high school students

Aiming to become a sustainable society with Johkasou systems built for users, installers, maintainers, and the environment

In response to CO2 induced global warming, NIKKO has developed the industry’s least energy consuming compact domestic septic tanks. By making the tanks smaller, the excavation work is reduced, decreasing the amount of soil that must be disposed. Not only is it easier to install, but it also decreases the energy needed for the installation. The simple structure makes it easy to check and maintain, and is great for both domestic and international use.

*Compared to other DOD20 type tanks (as of March 2023, research by NIKKO)

“CIALAC,” a disposal for reducing the raw waste of the local community

With a disposal, no moist raw waste accumulates around the kitchen sink, keeping it smell-free and bug-free. It also reduces the smell of garbage collection sites and helps keep them sanitary. It makes the daily cleaning easier, and improves the work environment of garbage collectors.

Most kitchen waste is wet and heavy. But not any more.

3 The challenges by the bath brand The possibility of the bath, a place to fortify the body and soul

At NIKKO, we feel that baths can do more than just keep our bodies clean.
The effects of soaking in a warm refreshing bath can also help boost the health of our body and mind,
prolong our health span, and even give us the energy to come up with new ideas.
BAINCOUTURE aims to expand the value of bath time with healthcare, body care, and meditative inspiration.

“uptile dish,” plateware made from surplus tiles utilizing NIKKO’s unique business portfolio

“uptile dish” is an upcycled tableware created by processing surplus tiles and tiles that had been kept for repair work for a fixed period that had hitherto been disposed of in NIKKO’s BAINCOUTURE made-to-order bathroom business’s manufacturing process. NIKKO’s expert processing technologies for minimizing the amount of waste created from our limited resources is utilized to create a handy, stylish, and sophisticated look. And with our years of passion and experience in the porcelain industry, we know how grace the table.

4 The challenges by the ceramics brand Supporting a society more reliant on electricity

It is said that electricity will become progressively crucial to our lives
in order to resolve energy and environment issues and from the high added value of electricity by society.
NIKKO aims to develop technologies to convert the materials we have at hand to such that are more environmentally friendly,
and create materials and solutions with various added values.

5 Food assistance by hand

Together with Mitani Sangyo, an affiliate company,
we have visited temporary housings of disaster-stricken areas and provided them
with our tableware in support of a quick recovery back to normal life.

【Heavy rain support】

790 plates provided during outdoor market in Koiwauchi, Niigata

【Severe rainstorm support】

Kumamoto Prefecture (Sent by courier due to Covid-19 limitations)

【Earthquake support】

1,639 plates provided during outdoor market in Hokkaido

【Earthquake support】

2,604 plates provided during outdoor market in Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture

【Heavy rain support】

Komatsu City, Ishikawa (Sent by courier due to Covid-19 limitations)

【Severe rainstorm support】

868 plates provided during outdoor market in Nagano City, Nagano

【Earthquake support】

520 plates provided during  in Hokkaido

【Landslide support】

Izusan, Atami City (Sent by courier due to Covid-19 limitations)

【Severe rainstorm support】

2,250 plates provided during outdoor market in Soja City and Kurashiki City, Okayama

【Severe rainstorm support】

2,608 plates provided during  in Soja City and Kurashiki City, Okayama