Bath Life

Breathing sensations into bathrooms

The space beside the bath, the time before and after bathing.
What we design is the time that is spent.
We believe in the bath’s ability to regulate the mind and body.
It is our mission to continue providing alluring ideas.
We breathe our customers’ sensibilities and that of our own into the bathrooms
to create a new bathing culture.


Maison de Baincouture is an online store where BAINCOUTURE offers bath items to make your bathing experience special.

Maison de Baincouture

A web magazine pursuing the infinite possibilities of baths
「BAINCOUTURE Magazine™ 」

BAINCOUTURE Magazine™ is a new initiative by the haute couture bath brand BAINCOUTURE® to pursue the infinite possibilities of baths. By reframing the roles and purposes of baths, we discover a new world, a new culture. The magazine will take you through the sensations and learnings encountered through various projects.

Why people choose BAINCOUTURE

  • Creating an haute couture bath together with the customer
  • Over 10 thousand baths installed over 20 years
  • Services to keep your bath cleaner and safer for longer

Actualizing safety and free designing at once

A reliable modular bath system

BAINCOUTURE uses tiles for both the walls and floors like traditional baths while still having a modular bath structure, providing watertightness, moisture-retentiveness, and top notch quality that lasts for a long time.

Traditional baths and modular baths; the best of both worlds

BAINCOUTURE offers both the reliability of a modular bath and the freedom of design of a traditional bath.