Japan's age of modernization The foundation of "Japan Ironstone Inc." The manufacturing of ironstone is a national endeavor undertaken in Kanazawa. Led by the Maeda clan, a former feudal lord, Japan Ironstone Inc. (now NIKKO COMPANY) is founded with devotion in Kanazawa City Naga Town. The business expands to Busan, South Korea, boasting one of the world's largest manufacturing scales at the time.

The Meiji Era factory

With state policies encouraging new industries and acquisition of foreign currency, NIKKO begins exporting to China, India, Australia, Central and South Americas, and Europe. Products are ambitiously manufactured and distributed.


Under government ordinance NIKKO CERAMICS Co., Ltd. is founded Under post WWII government ordinance, the former company based on foreign assets is liquidated, and NIKKO CERAMICS Co., Ltd. is newly founded in Kanazawa City. NIKKO spreads the use of western plateware to the homes of Japan during its period of rapid economic growth.


Based on the corporate mission to "make living more comfortable" Develops resin processing technologies
and begins manufacturing of bathtubs
Develops FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) processing technologies as a new business venture. Expands on it to productize "synthetic resin bathtubs."
Broadens marketing channel and expands to a national market through the gas fueling route.


Builds a specialized
FRP factory
in Saitama
Under Japan's period of rapid growth, NIKKO establishes a solid track record in the FRP housing equipment business as more homes are built.


INC. in New York
Until the 1960s, the ceramics industry is stagnant due to the recession brought about by postwar turmoil.
Seeking a new market, NIKKO enters the U.S. and establishes a wholly-owned local sales company, NIKKO CERAMICS, INC.


Enters the residential-use Johkasou market As the need for better residential facilities rises, NIKKO begins sales of residential septic tanks (stand-alone treatment septic tanks) to enable flushable toilets to areas without public sewage systems.


With the enactment of the "Water Pollution Prevention Law," NIKKO enters the water treatment plant equipment industry As Japan's public sewage system was slow to become widely available, a need grew to transition from a stand-alone treatment septic tank that only disposes human waste to one that also treats household wastewater. NIKKO provided equipment to large-scale public facilities such as a confectionary factory in Gyoda City.


One of the largest plateware factories in the world is built and operated in Algeria. Signs an export contract for the first tableware manufacturing plant targeted towards Algeria. Signs an export contract for the second plant the following year in 1977.


Demand for luxury items rises NIKKO fine
bone China is born
To meet diversifying needs, NIKKO works to drastically differentiate itself from others. NIKKO develops fine bone China made with over 50% bone ash, said to be the whitest in the world."


To commemorate NIKKO's 75th anniversary, the corporate name is changed from "NIKKO CERAMICS Co., Ltd." to "NIKKO COMPANY"


NIKKO enters the electronic ceramics industry. In response to the changing times, NIKKO develops electronic ceramics such as ""96% alumina circuit boards"" and ""thick film hybrid ICs"" by utilizing plateware manufacturing technologies. The products garner much attention at trade shows."


With a history of 80 years, NIKKO takes on its next challenge NIKKO is listed on the 2nd Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.


Begins sales of prefabricated bathrooms for residential useBy pairing baths with design tiles already manufactured in-house, NIKKO begins sales of luxurious modular bathrooms with added value.


Environmental awareness rises Co-develops a waste disposal systemJoins a project as an initial member to develop and manufacture a system to pulverize residential waste and treat the wastewater.


To commemorate NIKKO's 100th anniversary, New logo is institutedNIKKO's logo is redesigned.
Acquires ISO14001 certification.


To gather even more information, strengthen sales, and respond quicker to clients, NIKKO shifts to a dual-headquarter structure with one in Ishikawa and one in Tokyo The Tokyo office is renamed "Tokyo Head Office" as NIKKO shifts to a dual-headquarter structure alongside the original headquarters in Hakusan City.


Divides the Housing and Facility Environmental Equipment Division into three departments The Housing and Facility Environmental Equipment Division is divided into the Water Creation Division, the Environmental Plant Division, and the Modular Bathroom Division to strengthen the sales framework. Since then, the Modular Bathroom Division has been renamed to the BAINCOUTURE Division, launching the BAINCOUTURE brand.


Expands overseas using the experience gained in Japan with the Johkasou technology


Begins manufacturing and sales of "CIALAC" disposals


Begins manufacturing and sales of "BONEARTH" The world's first ever fertilizer made from recycled plateware that otherwise would've been thrown away