Upcycling discarded tiles as plates at our in-house factory! The sustainable “uptile dish”

2022-07-14 Tabletop

NIKKO has developed a new line of plateware called “uptile dish,” created by upcycling discarded surplus tiles made when manufacturing custom made modular bath systems. They will go on sale on July 14, 2022 at “LOST AND FOUND TOKYO STORE,” NIKKO’s general store in Tomigaya, Shibuya.

NIKKO’s latest series, the “uptile dish,” is created using surplus tiles from BAINCOUTURE’s made-to-order module baths and other tiles kept for repairs for a fixed period that had hitherto been discarded as industrial waste. The tiles are processed and reborn as plateware, a new product by the Ceramics Division.

The development of the “uptile dish” depended on two elements. First, the BAINCOUTURE Division’s specialized processing technology that utilizes the limited resources at hand with as little waste as possible. Second, the Ceramic Division’s passion and know-how towards plating fostered through years of experience in manufacturing plateware to create the perfect sizing and polished finish.

Also, by managing the waste material, processing the tiles, shipping and selling the products all in-house, NIKKO was able to cut back on the energy used for the recycling process. The “uptile dish” is an upcycled product that only a company with both a bathroom business and a ceramic ware business could have ever accomplished.

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