NSR Supporting 51 to 150 people


Stable Water Quality is Guaranteed Thanks to the Flow Regulation Function

A flow regulation section is equipped, designed to standardize the flow during peak household wastewater inflow (meal and bath time). By standardizing the flow of wastewater to the biofiltration chamber, consistent water quality can be achieved.


Number of Users for Design5160708090100110120130140150
Average daily wastewater inflow (㎥/day)
Tank length (㎜)4,4204,9305,5406,1406,7307,3508,8609,46010,04010,69011,380
* Please note that usage of this model is limited to inflow BOD concentration of 200mg/ℓ and inflow amount of 200ℓ/person/day.
* The tank length measurement does not include the raw water pump chamber.

Drawing example

Supporting 51 to 150 people