Johkaou Supporting 5 to 10 people


Stable, Advanced Treatment Performance Featuring Unified Blower Piping

By rethinking Johkasou design from the ground up, and positioning two carrier flow chambers in series, treatment performance has been dramatically improved. An intermittent metering pump has also been adopted for the circulation transfer pump in order to increase nitrogen removal performance. In addition, up to now biofiltration-type Johkasou required two blower pipes for aeration and backwashing, however we have succeeded in the unification of this piping in the Johkaou through our patented backwash system. Workability has also been greatly improved.


Number of Users for Design5710
Average daily wastewater inflow (㎥/day)
Solid-liquid separation chamber0.7511.0551.508
Anaerobic filter bed chamber0.7501.0521.511
Carrier flow chamber0.3780.5260.767
Biofiltration chamber0.1270.1780.252
Treated water chamber0.0840.1180.167
Disinfection chamber0.0150.021
Total capacity2.1052.9444.266
Overall length (L)1,9002,5802,830
Overall width (W)1,1301,480
Overall height (H)1,600
Inflow pipe base (A)260
Outflow pipe base (B)300
Manhole diameter (mm) & Number usedΦ600×2Φ450×2,Φ600×1
Blower flow rate (ℓ/min)6080100
Standard mass of apparatus (kg)198252340

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