Wrapping a Johkasou in a picture book! Raising awareness to improve the world’s water environment.

2022-08-25 Water Creation / Environment

To improve the world’s water environment, NIKKO published a picture book called “The Water King” to teach both children and adults about Johkasou systems. NIKKO has distributed approximately 2,500 books for free since 2019.
Now, “The Water King” has become a wrapping design for a display Johkasou. NIKKO will continue to spread the word on the importance of water and wastewater treatment through the picture book.

■”The Water King,” the book that teaches the importance of wastewater treatment
There are still many countries around the world with areas without proper water systems. NIKKO has created a picture book called “The Water King” to teach children and adults alike about wastewater treatment to raise awareness and improve the world’s water environment.
Created by picture book artist Ms. Akemi Tezuka, the story depicts the flow of water on Earth to teach the importance of returning used water back to nature. It was not only distributed in Japan but also to school children in Myanmar in November 2019 through the Yangon State Administration Council Deputy Prime Minister.

■Employees’ passion brings the Johkasou wrapping to life
The workers at NIKKO wanted to create something with the approachable design of “The Water King,” thus producing the Johkasou wrapping. The idea was to display Johkasou tanks that are normally buried underground so people could see it and become more familiar with the tank.

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