World’s first! Western tableware company NIKKO produces fertilizer made by recycling discarded plates

2022-03-11 Tabletop

NIKKO has been transferring to a circular business model in order to create a world where plateware is not thrown out, but is a part of a circular economy. NIKKO has developed a technology to recycle bone china into fertilizer and has been certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan on February 10, 2022.
NIKKO aims to create a circular economy around food together with restaurants, farm producers, citizens, and more.

“BONEARTH,” born from discarded plates
NIKKO’s FINE BONE CHINA is comprised of stones, clay, and about 50% calcium phosphate tribasic made from recomposed cow bones left over from processing beef. It’s loved by many chefs for its whiteness, translucency, and safeness from being lead free and cadmium free.

This NIKKO FINE BONE CHINA is recycled to create “BONEARTH.” It is calcinated in high temperatures, making it a scent free, storable, safe, and clean phosphoric acid fertilizer. The phosphoric acid is melted by the citric acid emitted naturally by plants which is then absorbed as a nutrient. As such, even if too much fertilizer is added, it will not hinder the plant’s growth. BONEARTH does not melt in water, making the fertilizer effective for a long time, prevents it from running into rivers, and is eco-friendly. With the beautiful pure white characteristics of NIKKO FINE BONE CHINA, it is also perfect as a decorative topsoil.

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