Elegant engraved concentric lines frame food presentations on these refined contemporary bone china shapes.
With our exceptional technology, our Fine Bone China features a unique whiteness, which utilizes 50% bone ash to create a strong and luminous dinnerware. In order to maintain its clarity, this pottery has a translucent finish.
NIKKO FINE BONE CHINA is highly valued by professionals for its beautiful whiteness and durability.


A modern collection with a delicately coordinated mist-like gradation.
The moire created by overlapping dots radiates a different expression with each piece.
The rim is decorated with GP guard*, while the overlaying dots are fabricated with polarized mica and gloss. NIKKO's advanced decalcomania technologies are what make these delicate motifs so expressive.
* "GP guard" is NIKKO's beautiful and durable original gold and platinum decoration technology.


This series was inspired by the luxurious resort scene of the Mediterranean. There are four mix-and-matchable designs that are fun alone or with a combination of choices. The gold decorations decorating this series are created with "GP guard," NIKKO's beautiful and durable original gold and platinum decoration technology, along with sound matte polarized mica. The glistening and elegant gold hues change with the angle of the beholder and the lighting arrangement. "GP guard" is 400 times stronger against friction and 5 times stronger against dish washing than conventional decorations (according to NIKKO, February 2017).


With a maximized flat surface, this plate is convenient for any dish. The raised rims will accentuate the beauty of the cuisine. One of the main characteristics of DISK is its serviceability.
The sophisticated design is perfect for any occasion, be it formal or casual, for any genre.
This collection is nicely compatible with colored glaze, and unlike transparent glaze, the unique expression is a perfect match for the form. The inspiration for this series was drawn from images of a clear and calm lake.


The CIRRUS series expresses the relaxed, flowing appearance of cirrus clouds. By utilizing a ribbed wave pattern on the underside of the plate, the CIRRUS' shape provides lightness, strength and ease of grip. In terms of weight, refined development has achieved a weight reduction of approximately 25% compared to other Nikko plates of similar size. The ribs on the underside are not only focused on beauty, but also on providing stability at the fingertips when holding, reducing slippage. The top surface features faint rippling created by the underside embossing. The CIRRUS series novel shape, combining superior functionality with a relaxing beauty, is the result of Nikko's advanced shaping and firing technology.


HALO was developed for Chinese restaurants in five-star hotels. The series expresses the brilliance of a HALO shining radially outward, utilizing a modern shape. It features a straight line starting from the center, giving it a flat look, yet expressing a gentle conical shape. The line embossing that start from the center creates a three-dimensional effect utilizing a convex and concave curve combination that captures an illuminating glow expressed with the naming "HALO". "HALO" is unique and functional tableware. This has various possibilities of use and new style to stimulate an imagination.


Admiration of the moon has long been a part of Japanese culture. It is the subject of Japanese poetry and old folk tales, and even today the unique culture of watching the moon changing night to night remains, through events such as "otsukimi" (moon watching). The RYOGETSU series' design reflects such Japanese aesthetics.The pieces capture the imagery of our mysterious moon floating in the night sky, impressively complementing each cuisine, regardless of genre. RYOGETSU is also perfect for adding an accent to set course dining. Polarizing mica is used to create elegant glistening patterns, meaning the pieces can also be used in microwave ovens. The changing appearance of the moon is expressed through the delicate polarizing mica decorations, whose brightness transforms according to the viewing angle.