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Powering the Popularization of "BOD10" Small-scale Johkasou

NIKKO is dedicated to contributing to environmental improvement. We drove the promotion of BOD10 advanced treatment Johkasou for household use.
BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)
BOD is the amount of oxygen required for microorganisms to break down organic matter contained within water. It is the most widely used contamination index. The larger the value, the higher the water contamination level.

NIKKO - 50 Years of Development
and Manufacturing Achievement

At NIKKO's Saitama factory, which boasts one of Japan's largest FRP forming capacities, everything from manufacturing to press molding is carried out beginning with SMC sheets.
We manufacture FRP Johkasou with superior functionality, and tackle issues such as cost reduction through high productivity, space and energy saving, and construction time reduction to provide products that are also economically superior.

Comprehensive Water Leakage

The Johkasou is a functional product; therefore in order to provide high reliability, omprehensive inspections for water leakage and functionality are carried out.

Abundant Qualified Personnel

We employ staff with abundant experience in all types of water treatment facilities and Johkasou. Customers have given us their trust and praise as a comprehensive, professional water treatment system manufacturer.