Creating clear water.
To protect the future that lies before us.


We guarantee high quality and service
as a comprehensive water treatment

Undertaking everything from developing materials to research and development, manufacturing, marketing, constructing, and after-sales services, NIKKO approaches johkasou systems as a comprehensive organization. This is because we believe that as manufacturers, it is our responsibility to stably provide high quality johkasou systems. Performance data gathered over the years are utilized to develop new technologies and products which are in turn made use of in preparing a substantial range of customer services. Delivering security you can rely on. That is the NIKKO dream.

Creating products through the pursuit of quality.
We provide high-quality products with stability.

Our products are manufactured by specialized staff with advanced skills following strict internal standards at specialized factories.We pursue a constant level of high quality.
We offer energy-saving small-scale Johkasou that are eco-friendly, in addition to various other specialized products. Our products can be chosen based on the building use and discharge destination.

Leveraging our accumulated know-how,
challenging new areas of water treatment.

Most of the performance data we've gathered has been utilized in developing new products and new technologies. We will continue to steadily accumulate our expertise along with our data to flexibly respond to our clients' needs.