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Business Overview

NIKKO started the Functional Ceramics Product Division on the foundation of sintering high quality ceramics and precise printing technology developed during the many years of manufacturing Ceramic Chinaware.
NIKKO has provided products from conventional Alumina Substrates and Thick film Printed Substrates, Multilayer thick film circuit substrates, Filled Via circuit substrates, LTCC (Low Temperature multilayer Ceramic) substrates, Multilayer Piezo-electric ceramics and Ferrite substrates, to support the fast evolving technology of the recent electronics used in the Information Technology, Communications, and Automotive markets.
In the material development, along with the development of functional ceramics, NIKKO is researching the matching of ceramic material and conductor paste for multilayer substrate applications that are necessary to realize high-density assemblies.
NIKKO offers a total solution from the substrate design,by proposing the best fit for the customer’s application, circuit pattern designs.

Product Overview

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Electronic Industrial Ceramics

  • Substrates for Thick Film Applications (96% Alumina substrates, Alimina-Zirconia substrates)
  • Polished substrates for Thin-film applications
  • Glazed Substrates for Thermal Printer Heads
  • Multilayer Piezo-electric Ceramics (Actuators)
  • Ferrite Substrates

Ceramic Circuit Substrates

  • Thick Film Circuit Substrates
  • Multilayer Thick Film Circuit Substrates
  • Filled Via Circuits Substrates
  • LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic) Substrates

Assembly Services / Products

  • Bare Chip assembly (Wire bonding, Flip chip)
  • Semiconductor package assembly